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—  Insalada  —

— CAEsar - $12 — 

A Dalesandro tradition, and a Tulsa favorite; crisp romaine lettuce, Parmesan and Romano cheeses, fresh ground black pepper, and our famous balsamic Caesar dressing.
With grilled chicken or roasted red bell peppers $15
With both $17

— Table Ceasar - $6/Person — 

Our famous Caesar, for groups of three or more, served table side


—  Antipasti  —


— Carpaccio* – $20 — 

Thinly sliced beef tenderloin marinated in olive oil and lemon,
with capers and freshly grated Reggiano Parmesan cheese. 


— Caprese – $12 — 

Fresh mozzarella, roma tomato, and sweet basil in extra virgin olive oil, topped with a balsamic vinegar reduction. 

— Asparagus – $12 — 

Fresh asparagus, steamed and chilled, marinated in our famous balsamic Caesar dressing and topped with hard-boiled egg, Pecorino Romano cheese and breadcrumbs. 


—  Zuppa  —

— Lentil – $12 — 

Lentil beans in our chicken stock, laid on a bed of fresh spinach, served with one meatball and topped with sautéed mushrooms, olive oil, lemon, Romano cheese and roasted breadcrumbs


* Items marked with an asterisk maybe under-cooked and may be dangerous to one’s health.


—  Desserts —

Chocolate Gateaux.jpg

—  Chocolate Gateaux  —

Belgium Calibaut Chocolate, Made in house.

—  Gelato  —

Made by our friends at Mod's coffee & crepes.
The flavors change from week to week and from season to season.  

Visit Mod's coffee & crepes website


—  Entrée  —

— Linguine – $16 — 

Fresh sweet basil, garlic, and fresh tomatoes on linguine with spicy Italian meatballs.  

— Lasagne – $19  — 

A king size portion of a true six layer lasagne, and made with fresh goat’s milk ricotta, whole milk mozzarella, Italian sausage, mushrooms, and topped with Pecorino Romano cheese.  

— Oliva Olio – $16 — 

Linguine in olive oil and fresh sweet basil, parsley Romano cheese and mushrooms.

— Pesto – $16 — 

A perfect blend of chicken stock, sweet basil, and extra virgin olive oil with bowtie pasta topped with Romano cheese and fresh roasted
pine nuts.  

— Brodo Pasta – $16 — 

Same as the soup but with much more of everything...a bowl of ziti pasta, topped with fresh steamed broccoli, boned chicken and lots of grated Romano cheese.   

— Pollo Arrosto – $19 — 

Half a chicken grilled, seasoned and oven finished served with angel hair and red sauce.   

— Stuffed Shells – $16 — 

Five large pasta shells stuffed with a blend of three cheeses and homemade Italian sausage, served on a bed of our traditional red sauce.

— Swordfish Picatta – $28 — 

Friday & Saturday Only.
An 8oz. hand cut filet of swordfish breaded with herbs and fresh Parmesan cheese, sautéed in butter, baked and served over angel hair pasta with Picatta sauce. Our star! 


— Carbonara – $18 — 

Ziti pasta, cream sauce and two kinds of bacon sautéed with peas and
topped with Romano cheese.